Workshop in Nicosia Multifunctional Municipal Center

On 12 March, we visited the Multifunctional Community Centre of Nicosia to conduct a workshop on environmental engagement and ageism with older people.

During the workshop, we presented and used the activities and materials developed in the framework of our European project Adults for Future. During the activities we had the opportunity to discuss ageism and share ideas about environmental action, online engagement and climate change with seniors. The workshop was attended by around 20 people and 2 adult educators.

The “Adults for the Future” project aims to raise awareness of environmental engagement and to educate and motivate older people to engage in environmentally friendly practices. The project also aims to help adult educators and centres to become more sustainable and resilient. Therefore, we have developed modules, activities and materials that can be used in adult education for sustainability and environmental engagement.

After the workshop, we took the participants on a tour of the centre’s garden and they showed us their botanical plants that they had planted during another workshop. We discussed the importance of plants in our gardens/balconies, their care and the connection with climate change and the greenhouse effect.

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