Our team is made up of a diverse group of organisations who share the values that led us to bring to life this project: a passion for environmental activism, the importance of engaging older adults in modern debates – and above all, the recognition that every conversation is valuable and there is something to be learned from every person, every challenge or every moment.

Our diverse group comes from different countries. We would like to introduce ourselves to you!



DomSpain is a training and consultancy company operating at national and international level. It offers a wide range of services to the public and private sectors in Spain and actively participates in international programmes through a well-established network of partners abroad. DomSpain has a highly qualified team in the field of information technology that has carried out various projects at national and international level to develop educational platforms. DomSpain is a member of EAEA, EFVET and the International E-Learning Association, an international network of e-learning professionals, researchers and students, and participates in the EU Pact for Skills.

DomSpain’s training department develops educational programmes in four main directions:

  • Courses and workshops for adult learners, including foreign languages, ICT, cooking courses, dance courses and personal development courses.
  • Vocational training: ICT, foreign languages, employability skills, work-related learning. 
  • Training for educators with a focus on improving foreign language skills, the use of digital tools and new teaching methods, blended learning.
  • Extracurricular activities for students and parents, including foreign languages, robotics, programming and internet safety.


Eurosuccess Consulting is a Consulting and Training organisation active in the field of project management, training & education and consulting services. Through a dynamic team of young scientists, it provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of various target groups and organisations, regarding their lifelong learning opportunities, in Cyprus and abroad. Eurosuccess Consulting has been involved in more than eighty five (85) Lifelong Learning, ERASMUS+, JUSTICE EU programmes, as well as National funded research Programmes (Research and Innovation Foundation) – in five of them as the coordinator.

Eurosuccess Consulting has been involved in more than eighty five (85) Lifelong Learning, ERASMUS+, JUSTICE EU programmes, as well as National funded research Programmes (Research and Innovation Foundation) – in five of them as the coordinator. Eurosuccess Consulting has broad experience in the development of training and educational solutions (traditional training material, e-learning solutions and ICT tools for skills assessment). In addition, the organisation is active in various sectors: Vocational, Youth, Adults and School Education, and supports the development of various social groups, including vulnerable groups of the society such as people coming from the NEET group, prisoners and ex-offenders.

Furthermore, Eurosuccess Consulting is an accredited VET Center by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus, the relevant public authority as regards training and education, as well as by the Aristotle Certification Training & Assessment (AcTA). Also, Eurosuccess is a member of the followings associations and fora: European Forum of Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), European Policy Network on Key Competences in School Education (KeyCoNet Network), European Network of Innovation for Inclusion, and European Working Group of Innovation Consultants.


We are a tight-knit, autonomous, democratic community organisation founded to explore alternative forms of engagement in our area. Comprised of educators, developers, designers, activists, and culture enthusiasts, we are based in the small rural village of Cori, just an hour south of Rome. We strive to involve people of all ages in ongoing learning and firmly believe in the transformative power of education and digital technology. Above all, we are a group of passionate individuals. As a municipality contractor, we operate the public library and historical archive in our area. In addition to managing these facilities, we also host workshops and coordinate international activities.

Our name ‘Polygonal’ pays homage to the rich ancient history and traditions of our town, and reflects our diverse expertise and commitment to activism.


The Rightchallenge Association is a non-governmental organisation which aims to promote education and training as a means of social inclusion and equal opportunities. Rightchallenge strives to promote values and change attitudes and behaviour towards the environment, in order to prepare people to exercise conscious, dynamic and informed citizenship in the face of current environmental issues. We work closely with local and regional associative movements, environmental NGOs, and municipalities in order to promote awareness-raising for sustainable development. We also implement environmental volunteering projects aiming to promote nature conservation, biodiversity, and environmental protection activities in the north region of Portugal, while encouraging young people to develop innovative ideas that respect environmental values and uphold principles of nature conservation. For that reason, we develop a series of initiatives mainly related to promoting recycling behaviours and respecting Portuguese biodiversity and nature-protected areas.

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