Community of Practise for an Environmental Activism Empowerment Framework for Older Adults.

Green activism is often seen as a concern of younger generations only, while older adults’ opinions are usually not in the headlines or part of the adult education perspective. We conducted a field research project with qualitative interviews in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus to better understand older adults’ competences and expectations in different areas of their daily lives aimed at living more sustainably (green retirement plans, energy consumption, organic food, community engagement, barriers to being active, etc.). We also engaged with adult educators in the field to discuss these issues.

Thank you to our research, we were able to create a final competency framework for adult educators that includes global thinking and attitudes towards climate change, active everyday behaviours for sustainable living (e.g. energy consumption, product choice and recycling), and local engagement in shared green spaces and volunteering. To this end, we have also developed a methodology for adult educators to empower older adults in their everyday environmental activism through an intergenerational solidarity perspective. This methodology contains the most important aspects to be considered by adult educators when implementing the Competence Framework.


Capacity-building course for adult educators with the development of strategic guidelines for sustainable education in adult education centres.

Online scenario-based course on environmental activism for older adults and gamify choices.

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