Have you ever wondered if older adults hold the key to sustainable living? It’s time to rethink the narrative. As part of our study, we took an in-depth look at the experiences and aspirations of older adults in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus. We listened to their stories, their challenges and their dreams for a greener future.

What did we find? A surprising number of insights into how older adults can play a pioneering role in environmental activism. From green retirement plans to community engagement, we explored it all. But that wasn’t all. We teamed up with adult educators to create a roadmap on how to support older adults on their sustainability journey.

So what’s in our methodology? Think of it as a toolkit for changemakers. It’s packed with practical strategies to promote global awareness, encourage eco-friendly habits and promote local engagement.

Guidelines for Adult Education Centres

Our document “Guidelines for Adult Education Centres” provides strategic guidance to support the environmental engagement of older adults. With practical recommendations, we outline steps that centres can take to become centres of green change, implementing sustainable practices for a better future.

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