Trial run for Adults for Future activities: Highlights from the Portuguese piloting workshop with the older generation

in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

On the 12th of April 2024, 16 adults above 40 participated in a piloting workshop near Porto, Portugal. The session started with a presentation of the project’s objectives, followed by three modules from the Adults for Future E-course. The first module, Climate Change and Environmental Literacy, featured a “Human Bingo” activity that broke the ice and got everyone interacting. The second module, Sustainable Living and Individual Footprint, used an interactive website to calculate ecological footprints, sparking discussions about personal environmental impacts. The third module, Environmental Online Engagement, included a crossword puzzle on environmental topics, challenging participants to think critically about their online engagement with environmental issues.

Participants actively engaged in the activities. Many expressed their satisfaction with the content and were eager to learn more about sustainability and ways to contribute to a more sustainable future:

It was very interesting; these are topics we should talk about more often.

I liked this initiative a lot and wish we could have more of these.

Continue with the project, it will do good for humanity.

Have a look at the photos from the workshop to see the participants in action! We look forward to continuing our journey towards a more sustainable future.

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