Promoting Active and Sustainable Aging: 65+ Environment Initiative (65+ Ambiente)

from Guimarães, Portugal

Meet the “Laboratório da Paisagem” in Guimarães, Portugal, as they promote environmental sustainability through their innovative 65+ Environment programme. In collaboration with the Municipality of Guimarães and various partners, this initiative promotes active and healthy aging by bringing the elderly closer to nature. The programme offers a range of diverse, creative and sensory experiences designed to stimulate cognitive functions and involve the senior community. Here are some activity examples:

  • Guimarães Floresta: Enhancing local forests and fostering a connection with nature.
  • Upcycling Art: Transforming waste into art, merging creativity with sustainability.
  • Painting with Vegetables: Exploring artistic expression through eco-friendly materials.
  • My Herb Garden: Creating personal herb gardens to cultivate at home.
  • Corn Husking: Reviving traditional agricultural practices.
  • Beeswax Packaging Workshop: Crafting reusable, eco-friendly food wraps.
  • Trees – Living Monuments: Learning about the significance and history of local trees.
  • Sensory Park Visits: Engaging the senses with nature walks.
  • The Song of Birds: Exploring the local avian population and their songs.


By offering diverse activities focused on environmental sustainability and science, the programme creates opportunities for interaction between seniors, children, and young people. 65+ activities aim to encourage the sharing of memories and knowledge, transforming the local territory, fauna, and flora, while promoting intergenerational connections. We hope their activities could give you some inspirations!


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