Module 1 - Climate change and environmental literacy

1. Introduction

Brief description of the unit: In this unit you will learn the main concepts about climate change, especially when it comes to everyday issues, like quality of the air, usage of air conditioning, and anything related to why the world is facing a progressive heating condition. What is more, you will learn how to deal with climate change, reflecting on different habits and make sure to see how being retired and being active from the environmental point of view are compatible!

Competence statement:

To recognise the main topics around climate change and environmental facts, as well as describe the main concepts of sustainability. Recognise the main benefits about sustainability and healthier lifestyle. Appreciate a critical approach to main environmental facts.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the importance of climate change and its daily consequences
  • Navigate through the environmental jargon
  • Get acquainted with the main EU environmental policies

Keywords: climate change, environmental activism, EU policies

Expected time: 6 hours

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