Multiplier Event in Spain: “Moving Forward To A Zero Waste Life”

in Reus, Spain

On 30 May, DomSpain, the coordinator of the “Adults for Future” project, hosted an inspiring multiplier event in Reus. The meeting brought together a diverse group of educators, healthcare professionals, social workers and committed community members, all united by a common interest in sustainable living and environmental education.

Engaging the community in meaningful conversations about sustainability is at the heart of what we do”, said Helena, a representative from DomSpain. The event began with a warm welcome from the DomSpain team, who introduced the organisation’s mission and its significant contribution to adult education. This followed by an overview of the “Adults for Future” project, outlining its goals, origins and the impressive milestones achieved.

One of the main sessions of the event, “Living Sustainably”, offered practical strategies for reducing waste and adopting an environmentally conscious lifestyle. This was complemented by an engaging workshop led by representatives from “Al Camp Residu Zero”, who taught participants how to make their own eco-friendly soap. The workshop was particularly notable for its inclusion of children, encouraging intergenerational knowledge sharing and emphasising the importance of sustainable practices for all ages. “It was inspiring to see children and adults working together, learning about the environment and creating something tangible”, commented one participant.

The event was a testament to the positive impact the “Adults for Future” project is having on the community. By fostering an intergenerational learning environment and sustainable living practices, DomSpain is making great strides in environmental education in their city. The enthusiasm and positive feedback from participants emphasises the importance of such initiatives. DomSpain looks forward to continuing its work and making a lasting difference in the community through the “Adults for Future” project.

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