Learning about environment through generations – our final event in Italy!

On the 5th of May we had a cosy day to learn about the topics of the project, cook together, do workshops and, above all, eat healthy local food!

For us, Adults for Future is a real community project, where energies of all the generations, especially the elder ones, can be channelled in meaningful ways! Sharing knowledge, exploring traditions and learning about climate change topics are the keys to be more resilient!

We met in the morning to prepare a home-made lunch using local ingredients and following intercultural recipes by engaging adult psychologists, educators, young adults and adults, and chat about sustainability, everyday habits, etc in an informal way. We met in the refugee centre “Casa del Sole” in Cori, and had a lovely morning!

After that, we held a great afternoon to talk specifically about the project with a wider public of adults, educators, association representatives etc. We also inaugurated a little garden within the public library, as a result of previous workshops with families and children! 

At the end, we organised a sustainable aperitif by engaging different local producers in sharing with us nice food and bites and raising awareness on diet aspects!

Check our afternoon!


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