Gardens of the Future: Cultivating Sustainable Urban Agriculture in the Heart of Nicosia

Gardens of the Future, is a collective community-driven initiative, located at the heart of Nicosia’s old town in Cyprus. The aim of this initiative is to create sustainable urban gardens and empower locals to engage in agro-entrepreneurship. Since 2019, the Gardens have transformed urban spaces into lush, while fostering accessibility as well as promoting environmental sustainability and community cohesion. This innovative initiative is designed to foster community engagement through interactive activities such as communal gardening, as well as by fostering interactive and sustainable practices such as recycling, reuse, and upcycling. Community building, fostering agro-entrepreneurship and embracing a circular economy are the three values shaping this initiative. By sharing experiences through an inclusive communal garden environment, practicing in the loop of recycle-reuse-reduce and creating new work opportunities for the neighborhood and beyond, Gardens of the Future, contribute to fostering a green and sustainable environment in Cyprus.

With more than 1500 volunteers and 25 experts working on site, Gardens of the Future’s impact has been widely recognized. In 2020 Gardens of the Future, were awarded the National winner of Climathon, thus, achieving global recognition for its innovative approach to climate action. Furthermore, in 2021, the initiative won the Pusulas Competition. Lastly, as a European Winner of the New European Bauhaus Prize, Gardens of the Future, celebrated their contribution in terms of creating beautiful, sustainable and inclusive collective community-driven spaces in Europe.

Eurosuccess Consulting visited Gardens of the Future as a team and they helped as volunteers with the plants and the garden. This is something that a lot of people are welcomed to do in Nicosia and not only. During volunteering also, people learning about environment, sustainable solutions and climate change.

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