Empowering Women and Sustainability: Vintage for a Cause

from Porto, Portugal

Discover Vintage for a Cause, a Porto-based brand dedicated to combining fashion with social impact and sustainability. Founded by Helena Antonia in 2012, Vintage for a Cause embraces a circular economy model by upcycling textile waste into exclusive, handmade limited editions.

At the same time, the brand supports women empowerment and active aging. Vintage for a Cause provides opportunities for unemployed women over 50 to thrive in the sustainable fashion industry, fostering social inclusion and environmental stewardship.

Every piece is a testament to uniqueness and care. Crafted with recycled textiles, each limited-edition item reflects our commitment to sustainable fashion. Embracing the motto “Nothing is lost, everything is transformed,” the brand upcycles 100% of clothing, ensuring that textile waste finds new life in timeless designs. Helena Antonia’s journey from lawyer to sustainable fashion advocate began with a vision shared at a Social Innovation bootcamp in 2012. Since then, Vintage for a Cause has obtained support from other foundations and local councils.

Through collaborative efforts and a dedication to sustainability, Vintage for a Cause is another good example to inspire a new era of conscious consumerism and reshape fashion into a force for good. Let’s embrace this innovative idea and be part of the journey towards a more sustainable and socially responsible fashion industry, in this case, especially empowering women over 50.

Website: https://vintageforacause.pt/

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