Workshop in Nicosia Multifunctional Municipal Center

On 12 March, we visited the Multifunctional Community Centre of Nicosia to conduct a workshop on environmental engagement and ageism with older people. During the workshop, we presented and used the activities and materials developed in the framework of our European project Adults for Future. During the activities we had the opportunity to discuss ageism […]

Community-led learning initiatives for sustainable living for older people

Intergenerational learning and activities on sustainable practices for older people: eco-sustainable cooking and gardening courses Involving the older people in initiatives capable of promoting sustainable practices is a topic that is being given particular importance. In fact, by involving the older people, not only the environment and the elderly themselves can benefit, but also the […]

Training Event Empowers Adult Educators in Green Activism

in Porto, Portugal From November 28th to November 30th, 2023, the city of Porto became a hub for adult educators passionate about environmental activism. Hosted by RightChallenge and co-organized by all project partners, the Training of Trainers event in Porto saw enthusiastic participation from educators across Europe. The event kicked off with a warm welcome, […]

The impact of climate change on the rights of older persons

The impact of climate change on the rights of older persons The adverse effects of climate change have a broad range of negative human rights impacts. These impacts fall more heavily on those who are already in vulnerable situations, owing to factors such as geography, poverty, gender, age, indigenous or minority status, national or social […]

Adults4Future and Energy Poverty

Adults4Future and Energy Poverty Have you ever heard of the concept of “energy poverty”? Energy poverty is a term used to describe the situation of households that cannot afford sufficient energy services to meet their household needs and/or are forced to spend too much of their income on energy costs in their homes. According to […]

First Transnational Partner Meeting

First Transnational Partner Meeting in Reus, Spain The partners participated in their first face-to-face meeting, hosted by DomSpain in Reus. Participants (Thiago from The Right Challenge (Portugal), Francesco and Tiberio (who took the photo!) from Polygonal (Italy), Stephanie from Eurosuccess (Cyprus), and Helena and Júlia from DomSpain) finally had the opportunity to meet in person […]

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